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My name is Jeff Harrison and I am the owner of Muttly’s Mobile Repair Service. I have been in the transportation industry since 1981. Over the years I have held many positions in this industry including a driver, operations manager, FMCSA Compliance officer, mechanic and shop manager for various companies. I found out early in my career that I enjoyed turning wrenches and solving problems with the rigs, plus I didn’t mind getting dirty.

Muttly’s Repair Service has always had the reputation of being straight up and honest with its customers and employees. But it is like I have always said, it is better to tell the people straight up what’s going on than to lead the customer into thinking everything is alright. I have always had the policy of not trying to get every job out there. Sometimes it best serves our customer if we direct the customer to a company or facility that we partner with that can do the job better because of being in a traditional shop where it is an enclosed environment.

I have always had a policy that advice is free. I tell each one of my customers and employees “It doesn’t cost us anything to pick up the phone and answer a few questions or to walk a mechanically minded individual through what to check. If we can help someone save money today, they will remember us tomorrow."


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