About Us

My name is Jeff Harrison and I am the owner of Muttly’s Mobile Repair Service. I have been in the transportation industry since 1981. Over the years I have held many positions in this industry including driver, operations manager, FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) compliance officer, mechanic and shop manager, just to name a few. I found out early in my career that I enjoy turning wrenches and solving problems with the rigs, plus I don’t mind getting dirty.

In 1994 I started this company part time while working full time as a shop manager for a garbage company. I left the garbage company for a position at a highway markings company. I was hired on as the shop manager, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliance officer and FMCSA compliance officer for the southeast region of the United States.

In 1997 I went full time with Muttly’s Mobile Repair Service with only one location in Snellville, GA. Over time Muttly’s grew and I now have multiple locations in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, and North Carolina. I have always maintained the reputation of always being up front and honest with my customers. I would rather my customers know all that is going on rather than lead them to believe everything was alright.

I have a few policies of which I rely on in order to maintain my reputation. One such policy is that advice is free. I tell each one of my customers and employees, “It doesn’t cost us anything to pick up the phone and answer a few questions.”

Another such policy is, I have no problem walking a mechanically minded individual through the simple checks, sometimes helping them save money and time in the long run. Yes, it sometimes takes money out of my pocket, but it also helps keep future customers. If we can save them money today they will remember us tomorrow. It has proven to be a great policy.

I also don’t try to grab every job that comes my way. Sometimes it better serves our customer when we direct them to another source such as a traditional shop or another person we partner with. I do my best to live by the idea of keeping my customers happy, and for the most part it does work.